The Tech Daily Post is Build for Modern day Consumer & Empowered by Innovation

The Tech Daily Post  is Build for Modern day Consumer & Empowered by Innovation

Know Our Brand’s DNA

Home of The Tech Daily Post. The African ICT Advisory Network Firm and Tech Content Hub, with daily news, interviews, features, in-depth investigations and more.

The Tech Daily Post is build for modern day consumer who is interested in Technology, Business, Digital Money, Cryptocurrencies, Science and Energy. The soon to be the biggest tech website in South Africa and the rest of the African continent. The Johannesburg based publication is developed and owned by DameConcepts.

PR/Media Inquiries

We are always open and willing to trying out new gadgets and products related to technology, telecom, IT, both hardware and software. We attend different launch events to try out cool new stuff and also review different products on our site. Public Relations (PR) Managers can contact us at

We also participate in product promotion campaign on social media and product giveaways, which helps a brand to reach more and more potential customers, however, that can only be arranged on demand. Such opportunities are also open, and we are ready to discuss terms. Campaign and Products Managers can contact us at 

Advertising Opportunities
Email for information on advertising opportunities.

Internship Opportunities
The Tech Daily Post accepts interns in writing tech news articles, editorial, photography, and social media. Email


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