JD Group Launched Everyshop to Compete with Takealot

The JD Group has finally launched their ecommerce business Everyshop that offers a wide range of products, from technology, fashion, computers, appliances, and furniture through Rochester, Sleepmasters, Bradlows, and Russells.

Everyhop join family brands of Incredible Connection and HiFi Corp which are both owned by JD Group.

According to Mybroadband, “JD Group has a national network of 16 distribution centres that perform home deliveries to customers using their own logistics fleet and courier partners.”

The new ecommerce platform is a challenger brand to Takealot, which has been dominating the market since the dawn of Covid19 pandemic. Its going to be interesting to see Takealot’s reaction since someone is threatening its lunch and bread.

If you like shopping, the new ecommerce platform is currently running sales promotions that you can take advantage of by clicking and visiting this link https://www.everyshop.co.za/

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