Dimension Data co-Founder and Chairman Jeremy Ord Leaves the firm after 30yrs of service

Dimension Data has confirmed one of the founders of the company and executive chairperson, Jeremy Ord has quit the firm, it was reported on Tuesday.

According to news reports, Ord’s departure and that of four other executives, saying his resignation was due to his term ending at the end of June and that there was nothing unusual about the departure.

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Jeremy Ord

The other executives who will be leaving the IT consulting are Saki Missaikos, the company’s head of strategy; corporate finance chief Steven Nathan; Ed Gassner, who is said to have resigned at an earlier stage; and Tony Walt, the managing executive of Dimension Data Security.

Company spokesperson Pearl Mngomezulu said based on NTT’s commitment to shift its focus to the continent, “these leaders decided that they did not have the capacity to stay and commit themselves for the next five years”.

“A lot of these leaders have been with the company for around 30 years,” she added.

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