Gary Vee’s Thoughts on Investing on NFTs


By now, all of you know that I’m bullish on NFTs. To understand more about the space and why I’m so excited, check out my article What is NFT? Non-Fungible Token Guide

Do I believe that NFTs are a worthwhile investment? Of course. Do I believe that the current supply available is so ridiculous that most of today’s projects will flop or go to zero? Absolutely. The question isn’t whether you should invest in non-fungible tokens – whether you decide to get on board or not, I believe NFTs are here to stay as a permanent fixture in society, just like the internet and social media…The real question is: Which projects and which project creators have what it takes to make your investment a good one? 

What’s happening with NFTs right now is exactly what happened with the internet in March/April 2000. When the dotcom bubble burst, lots of people lost lots of money as countless internet companies crashed…but you know what remained? Amazon and eBay. So today, a lot of the NFT projects you see popping up will build a lot of hype. Your job is to do your research and determine which projects you think will be the Amazons and the eBays when everything else disappears. 

By Gary Vee

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