The 1st NFT Restaurant to be Launched in 2022

Who knew that in 2021 and 2022 we will be talking about the so called Non-Fungible Token or NFTs in short? No one saw it coming but this new phenomenon is shaking the the crypto currency and bitcoin market. The VCR Group as it called, The 1st NFT Restaurant concept in the world will be launched in New York, US.

The restaurant is founded by marketing and brand expert Gary Vee, the chairman and his partners that includes David Rodolitz, who will serve as the CEO of the company and Josh Capon, the Chief Culinary Officer of the soon to be launched establishment.

How It Works

VCR Group will be launching the 1st NFT Restaurant concept in the world.

To experience the restaurant, guests will require a membership. Memberships can be purchased through an NFT (Non-Fungible Token).

The NFT will represent ownership of your membership which will provide access to the restaurant throughout the month, in addition to unlimited enjoyment of the cocktail lounge and access to private culinary experiences.

There will be 3 different NFT Tokens representing a multitude of experiences in the restaurant.

Each NFT is an asset and can be sold or transferred in the secondary market.

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