Twitter Tests a new Safety feature to Remove Followers without Blocking them

Twitter is taking another step to deal with bullies on its platform. 

The social media giant announced is currently testing a new feature on the web that makes it possible to remove followers without blocking them. 

Twitter says sometimes, users want to stop a follower from seeing their tweets without outright blocking them — if that follower were to navigate directly to their page, it’d be clear that they had been blocked, which can pose safety risks. 

Now, some Twitter users with access to this test can remove a follower by navigating to their profile and clicking to view their list of followers. 

Then, they can click on a three-dot icon next to the follow button and select “remove this follower” from the drop-down menu. Not all users currently have this functionality.

Twitter said “We’re making it easier to be the curator of your own followers list. Now testing on web: remove a follower without blocking them.”

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