Grammarly SDK Beta to Allow Developers to Embed Automated Text Editing in any Web application

Grammarly, auto editing tool ease its restrictions to allow developers to start embedding Text Editor SDK (software development kit). 

The move will enables programmers to embed Grammarly text editing functionality into any web application.

Head of product and platform at Grammarly, Rob Brazier said that the beta release of this SDK gives developers access to the full power of Grammarly automated editing with a couple of lines of code. 

He adds “Literally in just a couple lines of HTML, [developers] can add Grammarly’s assistance to their application, and they get a native Grammarly experiences available to all of their users without the users needing to install or register Grammarly.” 

The tech company said the want to keep the function as basic as they can at the moment. 

Speaking to TechCrunch about the move, Brazier said “We wanted to start with the simplest possible way of giving access to this capability to the greatest number of users. So that’s why we started with a pretty simple product. I think it’ll evolve over time and grow in sophistication, but it is really just a couple lines of code and you’re up and running,” he said.

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