Veteran Journalist joins Clubhouse as Head of News

Clubhouse has hired journalism veteran Nina Gregory to lead the news department of the app. Nina will serves as the head of news and media publishers. The role entails working as liaison between news publishers and the Clubhouse. 

Before joining Clubhouse, Nina spend the last seven years leading NPR’s Arts and Entertainment Desk Speaking to CNN Nina said, “As an audio journalist, [Clubhouse] aligned with what I’ve always believed is the best medium for news.”

Nina Gregory

Nina adds, “You don’t need to know how to read to be able to hear radio news. You don’t need to have an expensive subscription. You don’t need cable.”

Helping publishers and other brands get plugged in is one path toward maturation for Clubhouse. 

Clubhouse’s quick ascent saw Twitter, Spotify, Facebook and other established tech companies scramble to integrate live audio rooms into their own products.

The platform’s entrance into the market has shaken the the game and no one saw it coming. We saw the like of Facebook, Twitter and Spotify launched their own version of live audio rooms.  

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