Cameo Calls to Replace Meet and Greets at Music Festivals

New platform Cameo Calls is set to change the face of pop culture and limelight. 

The platform launched its Cameo Calls products, which lets fans video chat for up to 15 minutes one-on-one with their favourite influencers and celebrities. 

TechCrunch reports the talent sets the duration, time, and price of their call, which Cameo says averages around $31

Users can book a call at Cameo’s website or app to see a schedule of upcoming Cameo Calls that they can buy. As soon you purchase a Cameo Call, you get a unique ticket code that you enter on the app to join your call.

“We foresee Cameo Calls replacing meet and greets at music festivals and world tours, fan conventions, sporting events, and more,” said Cameo co-founder & CEO Steven Galanis.

In June 2020, Cameo enabled users to book Zoom calls with celebrities as lockdown became a global norm, but Cameo phased out that feature in April. Instead, Cameo Calls now offers a native experience in the app, rather than relying on third-party software, TechCrunch reports. 

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