Canva is Getting into Video Game to Compete with TikTok and Instagram Video

Canva recently turned into $40 billion software company, now is enterting into video. The company announced video editing suite to rival with the nw kid on the block TikTok and Instagram Video.

According to TechCrunch, Canva video software offers a scene-focused interface, meaning that users can break down their video into easy-to-manage pieces. From there, they can trim scenes (coming soon), manage multiple audio tracks and use in-editor video previews to check their work.

Canva is also offering video templates to simplify the process for users based on their end goals. 


Talking about the video development at the company, Canva ’s Head of Product Rob Kawalsky said, “We landed on our unique scene-based timeline, which splits videos into scenes that have a similar look and feel to presentation slides,” he said. 

“This feels instantly familiar, and also means Canva’s editor offers an almost identical editing experience whether you’re creating a static or moving design. Powerful editing features, like the ability to add animations, scene transitions and crop clips are available, but rather than having hundreds of confusing buttons at once, everything is context-specific — meaning the options present themselves as you need them,” Kawalsky added. 

The current video feature is available as part of the company’s free tier or option. 

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