China Authorities Asks Apple Store to Remove Quran App in mainland China

The Chinese government has asked Apple to remove Quran Majeed, a popular app for reading the Islamic religious text and other prayer-related information, in China, in compliance with Chinese authorities. 

According to BBC, the latest developments comes as part of a bigger shift in the country to crack down on foreign content, or simply making it harder for that content to exist within the Great Firewall.

Quran App

Apple is not only a tech platform for makes such dramatic moves, the professional social media platform LinkedIn said it will be removing the Chinese version of its website by the end of the this year as part of the growing compliance requirement by the Chinese government officials. 

TechCrunch reports. the Quran Majeed app remains available in other countries on the App Store, and on Google Play — although Google Play is technically also not available in China (people can access it via a VPN, however).

“We’re required to comply with local laws, and at times there are complex issues about which we may disagree with governments,” states, Apple’s human rights policy states: 

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