The Value of a Comedy Super Fans | Don’t Take Your Fans for Granted writes Rethabile Mohlala

South African comedians don’t get that their biggest commodity or asset is their fans, not their sponsors. Sponsorship make/s a small part of the deal. Comics need to learn & treat their fan base like GOLD. The reason some comics struggle is because they treat their fans like Sh!t!

Take Pick n Pay for example, the reason is where it is today, is because the late Founder and Chairman Raymond Ackerman understood that philosophy of championing consumer rights early on. The customers are the bread and butter of his business, not suppliers. He was not afraid to tell suppliers to piss off if they fail to obey his rules.

Back to my story about comedians and their fans, when a fan tweets or sends you a message, respond and make them feel special. Another way to solidify a relationship with fans is to do meet and greets, create merch, do jam sessions and have lunch with them.

Lastly, pick a day & take questions on social media from all your super fans. That’s how you build a Brand and solid relationship with your fan base. Don’t make being on the road, gigging and doing stand-up be an end-all. With COVID-19, we learned that’s not sustainable covid taught us. Look after your fans.

Look after your super fans, they will look after you too.

#BuildTheBrand #CustomerIsKing #FanBase

By Rethabile Mohlala – Founder and CEO of TechDailyPost, NoJokesComedy and DameConcepts

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