Apple Global Battery Development Executive Joins to Volkswagen

Change of guards at Apple at the man in charge of battery development moves to German automakers VW.

Apple Inc’s global battery development chief, Ahn Soonho, has moved to Volkswagen to lead the automaker’s development of electric vehicle batteries, according to his Linkedin profile.

This is the second time in recent months that an Apple executive has left for an automaker. Apple lost its head of car project, Doug Field, to Ford Motor n September, Reuters reported.

Ahn this month became chief technology officer at the battery division of Volkswagen Group Components, according to his Linkedin profile.

In 2018, Apple had hired Ahn, a former executive at Samsung SDI’s next-generation batteries division. Apple uses batteries not only in its mobile phones and laptops, but electric vehicles which are under development.

When asked about whether Apple plans to develop batteries and screens in-house as it does for chips, Apple CEO Tim Cook said in October, “I wouldn’t want to rule anything out.”

“It’s more of whether or not we see our way clear to doing something that is materially better,” he said during a conference call with Reuters.

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