#ManCityAnnualReport: The Club posts Profits of £2.4 million and Brand Value Keeps Growing

Manchester City, the Premier League side posts profits of £2.4 million, returning to profitability after last year’s COVID-19-related losses.

The Club also have risen to become the fourth most valuable football brand in Europe. In a year impacted by COVID-19, our brand value fell marginally (by 0.6%), while the top three clubs all experienced bigger falls of 10-14%. 

According to the club, 2020-2021 it was a year of continued growth for Manchester City’s commercial partnerships, as they welcomed 11 new partners on board and renewed or expanded existing agreements.

Man City Football Club

“We welcomed more exciting brands to join our family of partners, including Cadbury and Axi, and renewed our longstanding relationship with Nexen Tire for the third consecutive year.” 

To execute some of the campaigns with partners and sponsors, the club had to innovate and make use of digital platforms for its messaging. 

“Unable to deliver physical assets such as matchday tickets and hospitality, filming with players or fan events, we instead offered innovative new opportunities, including stadium branding, virtual player appearances and product placement in the We’re Not Really Here match-day show.”

Man City Football Club

Almost 70% of the club’s merchandise we sold online because the store at the stadium was closed due to Covid-19. 

“With sales in our flagship Etihad Stadium Store substantially down on the previous season due to the lack of footfall, online sales more than compensated, growing by 70% year-on-year. Impressively, this resulted in CityStore generating its highest ever year of turnover.” 

The club said, what the led the commercial success is the team’s performance in the field of play. 

“Manchester City’s success on the pitch in the 2020-21 season provided our commercial partners with exciting opportunities to connect with high profile moments and deliver value to our fans.”

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