Akon, Music legend and Entrepreneur plans to Release a Music Album as an NFT

Akon, apart from building a Crypto and Smart City in his home country of Senegal and Uganda. 

The music icon and businessman announced that his next music album will be sold as a Non Fungible Tokens (NFT). Mr Lonely hitmaker made such remarks, while speaking to Esquire magazine. 

“Throughout my career, I have always believed that artists never really got their fair share of the profits for the work they produced and people listen to,” Akon told Esquire. “So with the idea of owning a piece of digital art, via an NFT, it allows the creator to benefit more and actually get more of the pie.”

The music hitmaker believes that NFT allow transparency and access to information from the albums to his audience. 

My next album is going to be an NFT album. With that, I’ll be able to monetize it from the day it drops on every platform that exists. What that means is that it opens the door to full transparency where your music is being played, who’s playing it, where they’re playing, and how many times it is played. Financially, you get the royalty every time someone shares it, so it makes sense to me, and that’s the route want to go for all my future music releases,” Akon told Esquire.

Akon is yet to release more information about when the project will drop. 

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