Eureka, Israeli Data cloud Security firm raises $8Million

Eureka, the Israeli data cloud security company managed to raise $8Million seed round. 

A Tel Aviv startup’s seed round was led YL Ventures. The money will be used to expand and grow the the company’s operations. 

The company was started by Silicon Valley’s alumnus, Liat Hayun (CEO), a former VP of Product Management at Palo Alto Networks, and Asaf Weiss (CTO), who was formerly a director of Engineering at Microsoft and Palo Alto Networks. 

Eureka co-founders Liat Hayun and Asaf Weiss.
Liat Hayun (CEO) and Asaf Weiss (CTO)

Both founders noticed the need for closed data security while working while working in their previous jobs, then they decided to jump ship and started the company (Eureka). 

Hayun said, “data is a valuable asset for helping businesses operate and compete. However, it has spiralled well beyond the feasible control and management of enterprise security leaders, leaving it exposed and at risk of leaks and loss as well as destruction and exfiltration by bad actors.”

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