Antler East Africa raises $13.5Million to invest in startups

Antler East Africa, the Kenyan venture capitalist secured $13.5Million to invest in early-stage startups. 

Initially, the company wanted to raise $10 million somehow they managed to raise an extra $3 million. 

Antler East Africa was launched in August 2019. To date, the company managed to help 153 entrepreneurs through their accelerator programme. 

The firm has made 14 investments, some of those companies are Honeycoin and Uncover Skincare just to mention a few. 

Salem Kebede, Antler East Africa director said, “We still do the venture building. That’s still the core of what we do. Just that now that the fund is closed, we have enough money to spend in existing businesses that are coming in.” 

“And we can invest in stuff that’s already been built with a pure kind of VCs type setup investment,” Kebede added. 

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