Shopify launched the ‘link in bio’ feature ‘Linkpop’ with an e-commerce option

Shopify entered the ring to compete with LinkTree in the ‘link in bio’ feature. 

The online shopping platform has launched Linkpop ’link in bio’ feature with an e-commerce option. 

The new offering is targeting creators and merchants to sell their products. Linkpop also launched storefronts to sell directly on the platform where users they’re engaging with their followers.  

In a statement, Amir Kabbara, the director of product at Shopify said, “Merchants and creators today are using multiple channels to engage with customers, and that number of touchpoints will only continue to grow.” 


“With Linkpop, we’ve created a surface that unifies all links merchants post across social channels. What’s even better, we’ve made it a shoppable destination so it’s easy to purchase products directly on Linkpop, which is a win-win for merchants and buyers alike.” 

The new tool can be used by anyone whether or not they are a Shopify merchant. But, the shoppable links are only available to Shopify merchants. 

Link in bio pages has become increasingly popular over the past few years. People use them in different ways, as some use them to link to their social media profiles, Spotify pages and YouTube channels, while others use them to link to their online stores.

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