Google opens product development and research centre in Nairobi, Kenya

Google parent company Alphabet has announced the launch of a products development centre in Nairobi, Kenya. The hub is built for transformative products and services for the African market and the rest of the world. 

Late last year, the tech giant promised ambitious plans to invest $1 billion for the next five years. The centre is the second research and development investment in the African continent, this follows the 2019 launch of the AI and research centre in Ghana. 

The move will create jobs opportunities for several people on the continent.

Google VP for products, Suzanne Frey said, the company will hire over 100 tech talent including software engineers, researchers and designers over the next two years to help solve difficult and technical challenges, such as improving the smartphone experience for people in Africa, or building more reliable internet infrastructure. 

“Africa has been at the forefront of innovation, and we believe that we are going to continue to develop and innovate right here from the continent,” said Google’s policy lead for Sub-Saharan Africa Charles Murito during the briefing. 

Google plans to continue developing, building partnerships and networks to connect fellow Africans and the rest of the world.  

“We have 300 million people on the internet in the region today. We also know that in the course of the rest of this decade, we’re going to have another half a billion people who will experience the internet for the very first time, which is why it is incredibly important that we build products and experiences that are helpful to these people that are going to be experiencing the internet just in Africa,” adds Google in Africa managing director, Nitin Gajria. 

Google becomes the third tech giant company to invest in the African continent, after Visa announced the launch of an innovation hub to create payments and e-commerce solutions and Microsoft with a research and development centre in Nairobi, Kenya.

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