Spotify shut down its Greenroom Creator Fund as they transition to Live Audio

Spotify has confirmed the closure of the Greenroom Creator Fund programme. The streaming service informed applicants for the fund that it will no longer move forward and is shifting its focus to other initiatives for live creators. 

The move comes after Spotify last week decided to rebrand Greenroom as Spotify Live. It also hinted that the company would introduce other new monetisation options for live content creators in the future. 

Spotify’s statement reads, “The Creator Fund program is evolving along with our live audio strategy, and will shift toward other initiatives for live creators. We look forward to sharing more in the future.”

According to TechCrunch, Spotify has more recently rethought its live audio efforts after Greenroom failed to thrive. While the Greenroom app, now called Spotify Live, remains open to independent creators, the company is no longer pursuing plans to fund independent creators’ work directly. 

Instead, it’s streaming live audio content in its main app by highlighting top creators through live events and shows, the publication reported. 

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