CliffCentral turns 8 years old, happy birthday

As the saying goes, time flies while having fun innovating and pioneering the podcast industry in Mzansi. 

Today marks the 8 years since CliffCentral has started podcasting and sharing content marketing across the country and worldwide. 

Gareth Cliff, media personality and entrepreneur took the plunge and left traditional radio, because he felt a disconnect with his audiences. 

Cliff together with radio strategist and stalwart Rina Bromberg took their last penny and co-founded their own streaming platform For both, owning the platform gave them a sense of ownership, and creative control and offered opportunities to young South Africans. 

While traditional radio is almost on its deathbed, podcasting is on an upward trajectory and brands are taking notice. Many people, no longer listen to traditional radio instead they opt for the podcast. The traditional radio needs to re-imagine itself and offer something unique because gone are the days of shouting at their audiences. 

The Internet has made audiences smart and they have power in their hands through their mobile phones… they create their playlist using platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, Audiomack, Pandora, Deezer and others. They don’t need a radio DJ to tell them which song they just played on the radio. 

Gareth in a recent interview with IT Web said, “the demand for and supply of quality podcasts and on-demand content is growing faster than any other medium in SA, partly due to the rise of cheaper and more accessible smartphones and the internet.” 

He went further to say, “when we started in 2014, hardly anyone even knew what a podcast was. Now, millions of downloads later, we’re converting more and more people every day, because podcasting is convenient, easily accessible, and it goes where mainstream radio cannot – both in terms of depth of discussion and agenda.” 

Happy birthday, no more bullsh!t 

By Rethabile Mohlala

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