Gary Vaynerchuk’s VaynerX partners with Day One to launch The VaynerX Incubator

Entrepreneur and marketing expert Gary Vaynerchuk’s holding company VaynerX introduces ‘The VaynerX Incubator’, a ten-week program in collaboration with Day One

According to both parties, the program is specifically designed and packaged to help those who are serious about becoming true entrepreneurs. 

In a blog post, Vaynerchuk said, “While I hated school, I’m actually pro-education, and when I came across the startup Day One, I knew I wanted to partner with them. Day One is a startup that’s building a new kind of school for founders… one that’s virtual, community-driven and actually supports, guides and teaches aspiring entrepreneurs. They’ve designed an experience perfectly suited for folks who are exploring entrepreneurship, but who are maybe afraid or don’t know where to start.”

I decided to partner with Day One for the VaynerX Incubator program to leverage my DNA as a natural entrepreneur and give back to the next generation of operators, he adds. 

Vaynerchuk promised to announce more information in the coming weeks about the collaboration and the next intake for the next The VaynerX Incubator cohorts. 

During the program, students will learn about entrepreneurship and operations, culture, business development & sales, web3, consumer products, NFTs, the metaverse and more. 

What happens after the ten weeks? 

“As you work with Gary and his hand-selected executives, we’ll have an ongoing discussion about your interests and potential areas of focus. While we can’t guarantee anything, it is our hope to create an opportunity coming out of the program that marries these areas of interest with a long-term role or project including… Launching a new business venture in partnership with Gary.”

“Taking an opportunity at an already existing company-owned or co-owned by Gary including VaynerX, VCR Group, VaynerSports, and others. Being connected to a company or investor in Gary’s network for a role or funding opportunity reads the company’s website. 

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