TikTok introduces a new ‘Friends’ tab to Replace the current ‘Discover’ tap

TikTok is the busiest social media platform in the world, always on the move introducing new features and products. 

The new kid on the block rolls out a new “Friends” tab that replaces the current “Discover” tab which is situated at the bottom of the menu. 

In a tweet, the company said, “As we continue to celebrate community and creativity, we’re bringing a Friends Tab to more people over the coming weeks, which will allow you to easily find and enjoy content from people you’re connected with, so you can choose even more ways to be entertained on TikTok.” 

The music sharing platform says the new tap feature will be rolling out to more people over the coming weeks and it will help users on the platform find content from people they’ve hooked up and connected with.  

TikTok is not your ordinary social media platform, doing ordinary things, they keep trying new things to keep their users engaged and entertained. 

Recently, the platform announced the launch of TikTok Pulse, a new advertising solutions feature for brands to connect with content creators.  

In simple terms, the platform introduces a new way to attract advertisers to showcase their brands content next to the best videos on TikTok. 

The new ad feature place ads next to the top 4% of all videos on the platform. The new solution involves a revenue share with creators. 

Not everyone is going to benefit from this ad feature solution, TikTok said only creators with 100.000 followers on the platform qualify for the revenue share program. 

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