Motivation | Practical Business Tips for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

By 34 years old, I had built my dad’s liquor store into a $60M business, and I never made more than $150,000 a year.

I was also 34 years old before I ever made a single piece of content about business for the internet.

VaynerMedia was started in the conference room of another company, Buddy Media, because I had no money…and four of my brother AJ’s friends worked with us for free.

The point? Everything takes longer than you think. No matter how fast or hard you work, it doesn’t happen overnight. It may happen in 7 years (which is incredibly fast by many people’s standards), but it’s not going to happen overnight.

Every “overnight sensation” you know of today likely put in years of effort behind the scenes that nobody talks about. The game is long and most of you are babies. Remember, the bigger the ambition, the slower you need to go!

Patience is the real key component to success.

By Gary Vee

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