Mayor Phalatse says Energy Indaba could alleviate power crisis in the next 18 months

The City of Joburg Mayor Mpho Phalatse recently spoke about the City of Johannesburg’s Energy Indaba which launched on Monday.

The mayor said the indaba’s inception aims to re-imagine the energy supply in Johannesburg and fast-track stabilizing its power grid.

The convention has welcomed academics, experts, innovators and funders to bring forward effective solutions from industry leaders.

The mayor said the City of Joburg is not coping with non-stop power outages and something drastic needs to be done to get power back in the city.

“The reality is that our infrastructure has been neglected for decades, it’s giving in and that’s why we have these constant outages and City Power is not keeping up.”

Dr Phalatse said independent power suppliers will start contributing to the city’s grid and other alternative energy in the next 18 months.

“We are looking at minimum of 18 months, that’s taking into consideration procurement processes that are of course legislated but we looking at at least 18 months onboarding partners who can already start to help us alleviate the pressure.”

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