JSE CEO Leila Fourie tells WEF 2022 that Mzansi is the right destination to invest

JSE CEO Leila Fourie tells a good tale about South Africa being the right destination to invest in at the World Economic Forum 2022. 

Speaking to Talk Radio 702’s Bruce Whitfield in Davos, Switzerland, Fourie said amongst Brics block, South Africa provides a fertile ground for any investor who’s willing to invest or start a business. 

“…because we’re looking pretty good in relation to our Brics countries, all of whom are – for various reasons – in very volatile situations…”

JSE CEO Leila Fourie

“As I said on the panel I spoke on, South Africa is the only emerging market that has improved its GDP deficit since 2019, so on a relative basis, we are far more stable. We have growth potential through both the general commodities and the green commodities, and we’ve got deep financial markets.” 

Fourie said they had positive bilateral discussions with some of the delegates at the WEF 2022. 

“That’s reinforced by roadshows that both I and my industry peers have done. Some of them have said it’s the best roadshow they’ve had in ten years – the first time emerging market investors are actually planning physical trips down to SA.”

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