Lower income earners feels the impact of high inflation

The price of essentials is increasing across the board which means more tough times for lower and middle-income earners. 

CEO of Tiger Brands Noel Doyle says he has not seen such widespread inflation of this magnitude in his 20 years of working at Tiger Brands. 

In an interview with Talk Radio 702, Doyle said, “You are going to see it (inflation) right across the board but particularly in the grain section or our business. So if we talk about bread, maize, and breakfast cereal that is where you are seeing a lot of the pressure.” 

Doyle went further to say, “If the consumers occasionally see a gap on the shelf it isn’t about the price, but there is a real supply chain squeeze. We are not concerned about the physical supply of basic foodstuffs but the cost of inflation you are going to see in the food basket for low-income earners is going to be significant.” 

Still not clear when the inflation will stop rising. Anyone who’s reading this article must consider a side hustle to increase their earning potential. 

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