Comic-Con Africa makes a return on the 22 – 25 September in Johannesburg

Comic-Con Africa, the South African edition is making a triumphant return after two years break due to covid-19.

The most loved gaming and comedy event is set to take place on the 22 – 25 September 2022 at the Johannesburg Expo Centre. Streamer Con, StreetCon and Sew-a-thon are just some of the newer things coming to Comic Con this year.

Carla Massmann, show director of Comic Con said the event put South Africa on the gaming map and to compete with the rest of the world.

“Bringing it to Africa was well overdue and a chance to expose mainstream fans to the various pop culture pillars and fandoms, which in turn created a demand and growth for local brands and retailers. Launching Comic Con Africa also puts South Africa in the international spotlight – we have a large pop culture fan base in SA, top local comic book artists and a strong and growing gaming community and shows like this show the world this local talent.”

According to Massmann, gaming and comedy industry is growing across the African continent and it’s important to invest and put more resources to support that growth.

“Africa’s gaming industry is on the rapid rise. We have seen growth locally, of brands investing time, money and resources into the SA gaming ecosystem, but I do believe there is more room for brands to get more involved, not just with the professional gaming landscape but also with casual and mobile gaming.”

“There are exciting avenues for brands to get involved, festivals like Comic Con Africa being one of them. Something incredible happens when products are in the hands of consumers and a consumer can tangibly experience a brand,” she adds.

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