Talk360 secures $4 million to build a payment platform for the African continent

The South African tech company Talk360 has raised $4 million to create a new payment platform that will integrate all available payment options across the African continent. 

Talk360 seed round was led by HAVAÍC, 4Di Capital and other business executives such as Gaston Aussems, Robert Kraal and Gabriel de Montessuss. 

The company was co-founded in 2016 by Dean Hiine, Hans Osnabrugge and Join Schamp. Initially, the company started as a travelling app and later it morphed into what it is today. 

Speaking to TechCrunch Hiine said, “In our calling business we identified some unique problems around digital payment in Africa. The payment methods are scattered and payment processes are lengthy…And we could see that this problem had a serious impact on our bottom line in terms of conversion rate we were seeing in Africa”. 

“It is a problem we experienced and we are trying to solve it for other merchants with a presence in the continent too by making the process fast and easy,” he adds. 

Talk360 has built strategic partnerships with different merchant agents such as Flash in South Africa and PesaPoint in Kenya. 

Hiine continues, “we are building the platform to actually increase our conversion rate by giving the user experience one single checkout, and to some level, offer predictive analysis– to tell the preferred methods of payment for that region and offer them as top options for the user.”

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