Pearpop Launches a LIVE Subscription Comedy Series on TikTok

Pearpop, creator collaboration on-demand and creator Jericho Mencke are teaming up to launch a live subscription comedy series on TikTok. 

According to Pearpop, the series will run twice a week in June with 30 minutes per episode. The comedy series is called Finding Jericho which will stream exclusively on TikTok LIVE. To watch the series, it will cost the users $4.99. 

Pearpop CEO Cole Mason said: “Jericho’s random style and satirical troupes always start in one place and end where the audience thought unimaginable.” 

“His comedy is always clean, but with a one-of-a-kind edgy tone, for all ages. Pearpop is going to continue to push the boundaries for how creators, brands and entertainers can work together and collaborate in new ways. Today’s news marks an exciting new milestone in that journey,” adds Mason. 

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