Six points plan to fix Eskom according to Solidarity Research Institute 

The South African economy is in big trouble and drastic measures needs to be taken to stop the rot and to get the situation back to normal. Unfortunately, Eskom problems are likely to continue because there’s too much political interference from the governing and corrupt party called ANC.  

Here’s How to fix Eskom!

Solidarity Research Institute’s few suggestions to the government to fix Eskom and alleviate the electricity crisis in South Africa.

  • Eskom needs to decentralise power production as soon as possible as private generation is the future of energy in South Africa.
  • Get rid of building limitations for independent producers of renewable energy and get rid of RMIPPPP.
  • Increase education in the renewable energy and battery technology sector. We will need many more skilled artisans and engineers to design, install and maintain the massive amounts of small-scale generation projects.
  • Implement schemes that will make it worthwhile for South Africans to produce an excess of power that can be funnelled back into the grid.

People close to Eskom’s power generation division added that:

  • Get all original equipment manufacturers (OEM) around a table and sign agreements with them to do maintenance, refurbish, and fix power stations.
  • The agreements should include bonuses with improved reliability and penalties if there are breakdowns.
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