OPINION | South Africans should stop the corrupt ANC, if not Mzansi will become another Zimbabwe writes Rethabile Mohlala

[Scenario Planning] Look what happened North of Limpopo, Zimbabwe is a piece of sh!t because of Robert Mugabe, he came up with a Law, Economic Policy called ‘Indigenisation’, meaning for every white-owned Business, 51% must go to Black Zimbabweans… is like their own version of Affirmative Action or [BEE] Black Economic Empowerment in South African terms.

Because of ‘Indigenisation’ Policy White Zimbabweans left the country, some moved back to England, South Africa and some parts of the world. Now, Mugabe is gone and what happened since that STUPID Policy?

When Mugabe was sick he used to go overseas or come to MILPARK Hospital, Johannesburg for Medical Check Up. 

The people of Zimbabwe failed to CALL OUT Mugabe and ZANU PF. Stop Talking Sh!t and Study History and Trends, you will find the truth.

If we don’t stop ANC with their crap unfortunately, South Africa will be another Zimbabwe, Evidence is there, you don’t need Rethabile Mohlala to tell you. That my friend is what’s going to happen to MZANSI.

Black and Brown people need to SPEAK OUT and call out ANC on their fuckery in messing the country, because when other racial groups speak they call them racist. These idiots, don’t know their Value Add, don’t know the business, and don’t know the difference between Demand Curve and Supply Curve – that’s basic Accounting & Economics. I REFUSE TO KEEP QUITE when I see a BS.

The problem with Electricity in South Africa is not Eskom is ANC – they’re the ones in charge of the brand. A brand can do amazing things like innovation and thinking outside the box for the benefit of its co-customers. It requires the right leadership to make a brand effective and desirable.


Here’s the solution to our problems.

In order to build a country we need each other black and white people and collaborate and come up with solutions that can benefit everyone and take advantage of technology, science and AI [Artificial Intelligence] … YES, we know that SH!T happened in the past, now let’s forgive each other and smoke a peace pipe and move on for peace sake and re-imagine the new South Africa and Africa as a whole.

By Rethabile Mohlala

Mr Rethabile Mohlala is a Communications Consultant, Founder/CEO and Brand Strategist at DameConcepts. For Further Discussion, Connect with him at Rethabile@TechDailyPost.co.za or Rethabile@NoJokesComedy.co.za 

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