OPINION | Trevor Noah must leave Luminary Podcast Network and Offer his Podcast for FREE Writes Rethabile Mohlala

Comedian, television host, businessman and entrepreneur Trevor Noah must leave Luminary Podcast Network & take ownership of his podcast & make it available to everyone for FREE. He has enough cash to sustain himself, the deal he has with Luminary Network, he doesn’t need the bag, is just an additional one if you know what I mean. Here are the reasons, WHY I think Noah should leave the podcast network. 

His fan base wants every piece of Trevor but because you have to pay a network to access his podcast, only a few of his fans can while the majority are not. 

So, it’s crucial for Trevor, to give his podcast for FREE to his fans as part of growing the brand. In order to grow a brand, doesn’t mean you have to make money all the time however, you can take a financial hit or loss and grow your brand. In this case, Noah must let go of the Luminary deal and offer his podcast for FREE. I know my thesis, it doesn’t sit well with people who like employment. 

Here’s another point, the deal with Luminary is hurting Trevor’s brand. His fans are young people and they want to access his podcast but they don’t have the financial means to pay a premium to access his podcast and body of work. I know what I’m saying here is not popular but necessary for growing a brand. 

He can make more money from the podcast if he brings it in-house than what he’s getting from Luminary Network. Trevor’s brand is huge and bigger than Luminary Podcast Network, he doesn’t need them, in fact, they’re the one who needs him.

If Trevor can make his podcast available to everyone for FREE, his brand will explode into something BIGGER. Trevor’s team need to call me for more information and further discussion – @Rethabilem or email me at rethabile@techdailypost.co.za.

By Rethabile Mohlala

Mr Rethabile Mohlala is a Communications Consultant and Brand Strategist at DameConcepts. For Further Discussion, Connect with him at Rethabile@TechDailyPost.co.za or Rethabile@NoJokesComedy.co.za 

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