OPINION | Dear Mid-sized CEOs and Business Managers let go of micro-managing in 2023 writes Gary Vee

This is a massive mistake I see so many people making, and it’s not working for anyone. So many leaders, CEOs of the biggest companies in the world and definitely CEOs of startups and mid-sized businesses are obsessing over what their workers are doing every moment .. Are my workers actually working while remote? Are they being productive at home? 

As we start coming back to the office, so many bosses are still triggered by the desire to “keep tabs” on their employees. Then on the other side, we obviously have employees feeling suffocated because nobody wants to be monitored every minute of the day. 

I have a different perspective. 

The reality is when you give people a lot of rope, it allows them to shine or it allows them to hang themselves, as they say. So, give your people room .. you can monitor from afar, but micromanaging every second is just a bunch of intensity that brings no actual value.

When you lead with trust, you get to see your team at their best, and when the culture is positive, you’ll be amazed at how much faster and better things move. 

Try this for 2023.. let your people breathe and watch them shine. Instead of obsessing over if your employees are being productive, try trusting them. I promise .. trust wins, spying loses!

By Gary Vee – CEO/Founder Vayner Media, Vee Friends and VaynerX

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