Kenyan beauty startup Uncover raises $1 million to expand its operations in some parts of Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa  

Beauty and personal care are becoming a million-dollar business in the African continent. People nowadays care more about their looks and what they put on their faces or body in terms of creams and lotions. 

The Kenyan beauty startup Uncover raised $1 million in seed round funding to expand its operations in some parts of Kenya and Nigeria this 2023. 

The company with the funds received will use it to increase the product range in the market hopefully the move will make them the market leader in the beauty space who knows, only time will tell. Uncover Skincare use online and social media to sell its products. 

“We are using the funding to launch more products, go into additional markets and also double down on our tech and data to effectively produce, reach and market to our audience,” Uncover co-founder and CEO Sneha Mehta told TechCrunch.

“Our production happens in Korea (one of the world’s biggest beauty markets), where we are leveraging the best technology, labs and scientists in the world who understand stability testing, safe ingredients and formulations. We are able to deliver because women in our community have graciously provided information and tried our products, to help us formulate specifically for this market,” said Mehta. 

“I have experienced the lack of safety in products firsthand, the lack of information and the feeling of being stuck. This is part of the reason why we are building these tools for people to get personalized information and advice including diet tips.” 

Mehta adds: “We have had incredible traction since, and our community has grown from zero to about 60,000 women in Kenya in two years… we have built brand awareness, loyalty and our values of education and knowledge and empowerment have been established at the market.” 

The company plans to venture and expand into some emerging countries like South Africa to mention a few. 

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