TuneIn introduces an immersive map experience feature for mobile listeners 

Internet and new technology allow radio stations to broadcast beyond their local regions. 

TuneIn, the radio service platform that allows users to livestream their favourite audio content from news, sports, podcast and music rolled out its interactive map feature, TuneIn Explorer, to iOS and Android devices, giving mobile listeners the ability to listen to stations worldwide.  

According to TuneIn, the feature has been available on the web since mid-February, but now TuneIn is expanding it to mobile devices.

The new TuneIn Explorer is democratising broadcasting and allowing users to access almost 100.000 plus local FM and AM radio stations to stream across the world. 

“By offering TuneIn Explorer in a mobile format, our listeners have easier access to TuneIn’s vast collection of audio content in a unique and easy-to-navigate format,” said CEO – chief executive officer Richaer Stern and SVP of product engineering Moksha Adyanthaya. 

How does it work for interested users? 

To use the new feature, users click on the “Radio” tab at the top of the TuneIn mobile app. They are then transported to a world map where they can zoom in to find a specific region or simply type a location or station into the search bar at the bottom left-hand side. 

The new feature is ideal for users who are homesick or want to experience something new or different. 

TuneIn Explorer has a free version that comes with ads and a premium experience that doesn’t have ads which will cost users $12.99 per month. 

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