DJ Sbu and Farai Gundan partners with Diddy’s Revolt Podcast Network to syndicate ‘The Hustlers Corner Global’ 

Sibusiso ‘Dj Sbu’ Leope announced that his podcast ‘The Hustlers Corner Global‘ has joined Sean Diddy Combs’ Revolt Podcast Network. The podcast is already added to the Revolt TV network and is set to launch by the end of June.

According to Sbu, the main intention and plan is to spread the gospel of personal development, entrepreneurship, amplifying the hustle of young South Africans and taking them to the world. Leope will be hosting the podcast alongside business partner, friend, Zimbabwean born and US based Farai Gundan. 

Gundan has been in the game for long, she’s also Harvard Mason Fellow, Young Global Leaders and Founder and CEO of She recently worked with DJ Sbu to secure a trading license for MoFaya Energy Drink in the USA. 

Speaking about his new venture and project, Sbu said: “I am going to be one of those people who amplify the younger voices who are not global yet. It’s going to be my responsibility to amplify the younger voices who are doing incredible things in our African continent. I don’t even look at this as my win, I look at it as a chance to amplify young talent as much as possible.”

Going back to Sbu and Farai’s partnership: while Sbu was still working on Metro FM’s sound revival show, Farai was US entertainment reporter for the radio show, reporting on celebrity news and what’s happening in Hollywood. It’s good to know that they are still working together to this day, mazel tov. 

“I’m an entrepreneur and an advocate for African voices. As much as I can access the American market I will take advantage of that opportunity. I want to grow with them. I see their vision. I have to be a good representative for not only the country but for the continent. It just means bigger and better things.”

Sbu said he knew from early on that social media platforms like YouTube can unlock doors for young people and reach more audiences across the world. 

“I’ve always known YouTube was the platform that was going to blow up a lot of South Africans internationally. Little did I know my journey would happen sooner. I thought it would happen when one is over a million subscribers.”

“I knew at some point my career would interest people overseas, so this is only the beginning. It might have happened at a later stage in my career when I am a seasoned broadcaster, but I’m glad it’s happening now when I am more mature, smarter, focused, and stable. I am solid with my decisions. I am no longer excited by money or celebrity life. I am more sober-minded.”

Congratulations Sbu and Farai.

By Rethabile Mohlala

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