The gift of good sleep: “A regular routine can unlock the gift of good sleep”

In our manager’s meeting last week almost everyone raised their hand to the question “Who struggles to sleep?” Research has shown that we all need quality sleep to function well, yet sleep seems to be a problem for so many of us. Some years ago, I spent 10 months without a single night of proper sleep, so really understand just how debilitating this can be.  

Nowadays though, I have mastered my own SLEEP routine and sleep well. I have been asked to share it, so here goes: 
Switch off all electronic devices well before bedtime. This means computers, smart phone and in an ideal world, the TV as well. I find that electronic devices fire up the brain making it harder to reach quality sleep. 

Leave a notebook and pen beside the bed. If you wake in the night worrying, write the thought down. That clears the mind from trying to remember and stops the unconscious hard drive grinding away in the background, keeping you awake.    

Eat right and exercise the body. Working all day at the computer creates low level tension in the muscles of the body. Daily exercise helps to release this, and the improved physical wellbeing adds to the relaxed state needed for sleep. A good balanced diet free from excess caffeine, sugar, alcohol and fatty foods also improves the likelihood of quality sleep

Embrace the fear! Somehow even small things feel more fearful in the middle of the night. I have learnt to remind myself of this and tell self it’s just a nighttime fear and won’t be nearly as bad in the morning. 

Plan. Go to sleep with the next day’s action planned. I always used to sleep poorly on a Sunday night thinking about the things I needed to do on Monday until I realised the solution was to have my week plan ready before I went to bed. Guilt is not good for sleep! 

And lastly, if I still struggle to fall asleep I turn on a sleep meditation to help me switch off. 

Different things work for different people – perhaps you have mastered a routine that works for you? I’d love to hear what it is. 

So that’s it, wishing you a fabulously productive week ahead, and may you sleep like a baby!

With love from Catherine

By Catherine Wijnberg – Founder and CEO of Fetola

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