Community radio stations are the heart beat of radio broadcasting

Primedia Broadcasting recently hosted its annual community radio conference in Sandton, Johannesburg to talk about some of the issues and challenges that affect community radio stations in Gauteng and surrounding areas. Some of the stations that took part in this year’s conference included TUT FM, Alex FM, Tucks FM, VOW FM, Tshwane FM and Boston Media House. 

According to Primedia they believe in community radio as a medium for giving the community a voice: “when in 2021, studio equipment worth R5m was stolen from Alex FM, a community radio station in the Gauteng township of Alexandra, Primedia Broadcasting came to the rescue and helped to keep the station on air by providing financial, technical, and engineering assistance. This same spirit of commitment to community radio is the key driver of Primedia Broadcasting’s annual community radio conference.” 

Community radio stations are the future of audio broadcasting because that’s where the next big star or radio talent emerges so looking after them and giving them the support is a no brainer. 

“The wellbeing of South Africa’s dynamic mix of community radio stations is intrinsic not only to the longevity of Primedia itself but to the industry as a whole,” says Lindile Xoko, Primedia Broadcasting CEO. 

Community radio stations gave us today’s biggest names and personalities in radio, it’s the conveyor belt of radio broadcasting. 

“Talent is priceless, and it deserves to be nurtured. It is often in the most remote community radio stations where the most precious gems of talent can be found. If we want a viable and vibrant radio environment, we must invest in these stations and uncover the treasure of talent throughout the nation,” adds Xoko. 

“Primedia Broadcasting is committed to playing an instrumental role in growing a healthy radio industry in South Africa. Community and campus stations are a very valuable part of the ecosystem of this industry.”

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