Beyonce’s IVY Park and Adidas launches a new range of clothes

Beyonce’s IVY Park and Adidas are taking their partnership to another level by releasing a new new set of clothes for this summer under the theme IVY Paradise.

IVY PARADISE is a daring and defiant escape through fashion. The iconic IVY PARK Monogram finds subversive, summer flair in sequins, mesh, and lush velvets. It is bold and confident in its versatility, whether splashing through the ocean’s waves or gliding through a sea of bodies at the disco,” the company wrote in a press statement.

According to Beyonce, the new IVY Park Monogram is “made with courageous self-expression in mind, IVY PARADISE is the rebirth of personal style, freedom, and fun in the summer sun.”

The check Beyonce’s IVY Park and Adidas collection click here.

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