Grammarly restructures and layoffs 230 staff members globally

Big tech companies continue shedding jobs on an unprecedented scale, this leaves a lot of people in the technology space without jobs to feed their families. 

Grammarly announced it will retrench 230 of their staff members across the globe. The company said it is taking a different direction to focus on the AI-enabled workplace of the future

“To arrive at today’s decision, we took a look at our organizational design and the current skillsets of our teams through the lens of our company strategy,” Grammarly CEO Rahul Roy-Chowdhury said in a memo to employees.

“As we strengthen our focus toward driving the AI-enabled workplace and deepen our technical investments in AI, we will need a different mix of capabilities and skillsets. We also need to redesign our organization to improve the quality and speed of collaboration — and that means, among other things, restructuring roles and co-locating certain teams.”

The company in a press statement said, “This decision supports Grammarly’s vision of bringing responsible AI writing assistance to people and workplaces everywhere. Millions of people and thousands of businesses use Grammarly to achieve more through better writing. People at 96% of the Fortune 500 already rely on Grammarly, with organizations saving an average of 19 working days per employee annually in lost productivity. We remain focused on helping people and companies communicate more effectively.”

“As for Grammarly’s future: We see massive opportunity as every individual and business begins to harness the power of AI,” Roy-Chowdhury said. “We’ll build on this foundation to bring even more value to our customers. AI will fundamentally change the workplace for the better—and Grammarly will play a leading role in driving that change.”

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