3Sixty Global Solutions Group acquires the Centre for Diabetes and Endocrinology

3Sixty Global Solutions Group (3Sixty GSG) is proud to announce the acquisition of the 1994-established Centre for Diabetes and Endocrinology (CDE), South Africa’s leading diabetes hypertension management solutions company.

This acquisition, completed in a cash transaction, underscores 3Sixty GSG’s commitment to expanding its portfolio in the healthcare sector, particularly in the fight against life style diseases like diabetes and hypertension. These conditions have seen a dramatic rise in prevalence across South Africa.

With over three decades of pioneering work in diabetes and hypertension care, the CDE has established itself as a beacon of hope and support for individuals living with diabetes. By fostering a community-centric model of care, the CDE has significantly improved the health and lives of many South Africans with diabetes and hypertension, offering educational and clinical support through a network of dedicated professionals including doctors, nurses, dieticians, podiatrists, pharmacists, and eye specialists. This multidisciplinary approach has been internationally recognised as the gold standard in diabetes care.

The CDE is the market leader in South Africa for the supply of continuous glucose monitoring devices which takes the pain out of self-care in diabetes management. CDE has taken the management of diabetes and hypertension to the next level, investing in the development of the Fundoscopy camera for non-invasive diagnoses.

The camera can detect 27 illness from the image of the eye. CDE has extended its services to renal dialyses, ophthalmology and pathology to complete its services offerings to medical scheme and their members.

The acquisition by 3Sixty GSG, an integrated healthcare solutions group with a diverse portfolio in innovative pharmaceuticals and medical aid administration, is a testament to the shared vision of both organisations in championing the concept of “Ubuntu Medicine”.

3Sixty GSG’s Executive Chairman; Mr Khandani Msibi and Dr Osborn Mhanajana as Group CEO of 3Sixty GSG will join Dr Grant Newton (PhD) on the Board of CDE. The company has also appointed experienced Chartered Accountant Sakhile Masuku as its CFO with effect from 1 April 2024 and Sakhile will also join the Board of CDE.

This acquisition not only strengthens 3Sixty GSG’s position as a powerful Black-owned healthcare and biotech business but also aligns with its growth strategy to establish a significant solutions group in combating diseases like diabetes that have a profound impact on communities across South Africa and beyond.

Msibi says: “We are thrilled to welcome the CDE into the 3Sixty GSG family. By integrating its exceptional diabetes and hypertension management programs with our diverse healthcare services, we are poised to make a profound impact on the health and well-being of South Africans. Together, we will advance our mission of providing accessible, comprehensive care and spearheading the fight against life style diseases in South Africa and beyond.

“There are strong synergies between 3Sixty Health in its medical scheme administration and managed care business and our biotech businesses. CDE is not only a potential distribution route to market through its online pharmacy and clinical trial capabilities for our biotech endeavours, its diabetes and hypertension protocols, continuous glucose monitoring devices, renal dialyses, Fundoscopy camera will synergise well with 3Sixty Health managed care capabilities. We believe we will give CDE scale and expose the use of its innovations to a much broader covered and uncovered market.

The alarming rise in diabetes and hypertension prevalence, from just over 4% in 2010 to around 12% currently, with over half of the cases undiagnosed, highlights the urgent need for innovative and effective healthcare solutions. This partnership aims to address this need head-on, supporting medical schemes and the state who are at the forefront of the fight against diabetes and hypertension, providing comprehensive care and support to those affected.

For over 30 years, the CDE has been a trailblazer in delivering holistic and person-centred diabetes and hypertension care and has broadened its offerings. This acquisition promises to further the legacy of the company ensuring that quality diabetes and hypertension care is accessible to all South Africans and setting a new benchmark for diabetes management worldwide.

Newton says: “Joining forces with 3Sixty Global Solutions Group represents a pivotal moment for us. It is a union of two organisations that share a deep commitment to health care excellence and innovation. With 3Sixty GSG’s support, we look forward to expanding our reach and enhancing our services, furthering our vision of delivering top-tier, multidisciplinary diabetes care. This partnership ensures that we continue to be at the forefront of diabetes care, research, and education, making a meaningful difference in the lives of those we serve.”

Through this strategic partnership, 3Sixty GSG and the CDE are set to revolutionise diabetes care, contributing significantly to the broader health vision of South Africa – access to universal health care.

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