OPINION | Why it’s NOT too late to win on social… writes Gary Vaynerchuk

Hey everyone, 

I get so many questions in my comments, DMs, emails and in person from people who are worried that they “missed their chance” with social media.. Let there be no confusion, you can miss out on the peak of organic reach by being slow to move on particular platforms, but what I love about social media is that it is merit-based.

That means that if you are willing — right now — to get serious.. to put in the hours of homework on the platforms and culture that matters.. and to put in the reps of actually posting and not just posting, but getting really good at the science and the art of creating content, there are still massive opportunities for you to win. 

Most people are not going to make millions of dollars a year on social, but many people reading this right now have the opportunity to make hundreds of thousands of dollars, and that is the long-tail of social media that’s being misunderstood. That’s why I went deeper than ever before in my upcoming book, Day Trading Attention

Stop dwelling about the platforms you think you “missed out on,” and start getting serious today!! 

I have a feeling somebody really needed to read this..

By Gary Vaynerchuk, Founder and CEO of Vayner Media and VaynerX

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