Can Mercedes challenge Red Bull in 2023 race for championship – what’s going on? writes Rethabile Mohlala

The formula 1 has started and Mercedes doesn’t look any near or close to challenge the championship… here’s unpopular opinion one can tell that Red Bull is not going to stop anytime soon. So the question is, what’s going on with Mercedes, has the mighty has fallen or his taking a breather?  

Both Mercedes team mates Lewis Hamilton and George Russell were not even close to challenge Red Bull in the first race of the year. One can only hope and pray for longtime Mercedes principal Toto Wolff to come up with something that can improve thr fucking situation, if not their going down. 

The sad truth about Wolff is already wrote his team off to challenge the championship in 2023 and 2024. In his recent interview Wolff said, “I don’t think that this package is going to be competitive eventually.”

“We gave it our best go over the winter and now we all just need to regroup, sit down with the engineers, be totally non-dogmatic and ask what is the development direction we want to pursue in order to be able to win races.” 

Hamilton finished a whopping 51 seconds behind Red Bull race winner Max Verstappen Sunday, and his teammate Russell already said that the constructors’ race is already over. 

“Red Bull have got this championship sewn up and I don’t think anybody will be fighting with them this year,” he said. 

According to BoardroomTV, Hamilton, the 38-year-old with seven driver’s championships and largely regarded as the sport’s GOAT, is technically not under contract for next season. 

He’s previously said that something really bad and unexpected would prevent him from remaining with Mercedes, but Wolff was curiously noncommittal, writes BoardroomTV. 

“There is no point talking about the driver situation for 2024. That is far too early,” Wolff said. “We have to all push in the same direction, the drivers, engineers, and management, rather the throwing in the towel. We have never done that and we will not do that now.” 

Will Mercedes give Hamilton a new contract? 

By Rethabile Mohlala – Media Consultant, Tech Founder and Entrepreneur

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