OPINION | Frank Lampard gets Chances over and Over despite Failed track Record says Rethabile Mohlala

REAL TALK: Frank Lampard is a product of white privilege, he failed as a manager over and over but he continues getting opportunities as a manager, despite a failed track record that yielded a non shred of success. Black managers in Premier League are not getting a chance at all. The likes Arsenal legend Sol Campbell, he will love to coach in the Premier League but there’s no opportunities for them because of their skin colour which is very sad.

Lampard failed as a manager at Derby County, Chelsea, Everton and now his back at Chelsea because white privilege. If he was a black person you won’t even hear about him again unfortunately, because the league is a racist organisation.

As football fans we watch the Premier League because we don’t have a choice but to be honest with you the league is fucking racist and two faced league on earth. Going back to Lampard story, the dude is a token of white privilege to the core… Paul Ince, a football legend and former Man United and Liverpool striker was the 1st Black manager in Premier League coaching Blackburn Rovers, he lasted six months. He coached the likes of South African football GREATS the likes Benni McCarthy and Aaron Mokoena.

After winning just three games in 17, Ince was sacked on 16 December 2008 after just six months in charge. He had been with Blackburn only 177 days, one of the shortest reigns of a Premier League manager. After Ince we haven’t seen any black manager in Premier League in 17yrs. Thank God, next season we will see another black coach Vincent Kompany after his team had qualified to the Premier League.

Yes, Frank Lampard & Paul Ince were great players in the pitch and inspired a lot of young people across the world and racial colour lines but both terrible managers however, Lampard keep getting second chances over and over and what do you call that? Ince never got a 2nd chance in premier league, we only see him once in a while as pundit on television.

Now, let’s talk about television or English Premier League games on television, the league only use white people as as anchors during Matchday Live and use black people as analysts and pundit not as main anchor of the show… what the fuck with that.

Soccer legend Ian Wright and his son Shaun are great analysts and they can become main anchors but they’re not given a chance – WTF. The only person of colour to host Matchday Live is Manish Dev Bhasin and Seema Jaswal which both have Indian decent, only them. One wonder where are black people in this fucking and stupid television?

To say, Frank “The reason he is presented with so many opportunities is because of the fact that he was one of the greatest players in the history of the premier league. And as such club owners feel be brings value to the game. To bring race into this is complete bullshit,” writes Ryan James.

Advise to Ryan is to go back and study history, educate himself and hopefully he will become a better person because what he wrote above is totally rubbish, inconsiderate and he knows that.

By Rethabile Mohlala – Media Analyst and Journalist

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