Advertisers are back on Twitter says the owner Elon Musk 

Advertisers are back on Twitter doing business with the platform after a lengthy boycott, they have lifted their own boycott for not advertising on the social media platform. 

According to Elon Musk, all advertisers who turn back against Twitter finally made a triumphant return into the medium. 

“Almost all of the advertisers have said that they’ve either come back or they’ve said they will come back,” Musk declared to the jam-packed arena. “I’m not aware of any exceptions, though there’s probably a few, but overall I feel pretty optimistic about the future.” 

According to DIDAY, “for the five weeks from April 1 to first week of May 2023, Twitter’s U.S. ad revenue reached $88 million, but was still down 59% from 2022, The New York Times reported

The social media platform also appointed Linda Yaccarino as the new CEO and to steer the ship into the right direction. 

“I think Linda is going to do amazing things for Twitter, and she obviously understands where advertisers are coming from very deeply, and understands the concerns that advertisers have,” Musk responded. “I think we’ll do a great job in addressing those concerns.”

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