WATCH | Trevor Noah releases first episode of What NOW? Podcast featuring The Rock Johnson 

Comedian and host Trevor Noah dropped the first episode of What NOW? with Trevor Noah, Spotify’s original podcast series featuring Dwayne The Rock Johnson, actor, producer, entrepreneur, former WWE wrestler, gin maker and one of the biggest names in Hollywood and show business. 

Noah and The Rock covered a range of issues such as his philanthropic work in Hawaii with Oprah, his family, fatherhood, working with his ex-wife and building brands at Seven-bucks Productions. Trevor also shared his comedic rise, working with comedy legend Kedibone Molaudzi, performing at Newtown, Johannesburg and so much more.  

Check the Podcast below:

Speaking about his podcast series in a recent interview with Variety, Trevor said, “We are very lucky, we have a mix of massive stars as guests, and some people who nobody knows… Not everybody you speak to has to be a superstar. Someone will be No. 1 at the box office, someone will be a scientist who will change how we live for the rest of our lives.”

“I don’t think I’ve met a single human being where I don’t agree with them on something,” Noah said. He said he’s interviewed Republican politicians and “parts of our conversation are completely aligned. Then I speak with ‘liberal’ people and half the time we disagree.”

Asked if he misses working on “The Daily Show,” Noah said, “Oh, I miss the people and a lot of the show. But in life you sometimes have to let go of something to grab another thing.”

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