South African app is helping more than 1,000 churches migrate online – and it comes with ‘digital tithing’

“A few months ago, I became frustrated by the way we, as church leaders, handle general administration, communication, and growth. I found that simply running a church communication strategy through WhatsApp and outdated Facebook pages, along with an incomplete and broken website, were not conducive to building the Kingdom effectively,” Duncan says.Source eDisciples.eDisciples wants to help churches digitise their daily operations digitises daily church operations. Source eDisciples.

Duncan saw many churches trying to build their own mobile apps. But amid a tough economy this proved too costly an endeavour, with some custom mobile apps costing anywhere from R8,000 to over R150,000 to develop.

“As people adapt to new ways of life, solutions that enable us to gather, interact and worship virtually are essential.” 

The eDisciples platform was designed to help churches digitise their daily operations from helping them reach members, plan events, host sermons and even offering online tithing.

“[I built it to] inspire pastors, church leaders, and bible teachers to focus on what they do best – build the kingdom and raise disciples. Church leaders’ time shouldn’t be hamstrung by manual processes such as using Excel spreadsheets to manage congregations,” said Duncan.Source Apple App Store. How the app looks on an iphone. Source Apple App Store.

Since soft launching in October 2019, the app has already registered more than 1,200 churches, with 438 of them having just signed up in the last 30 days when the app officially launched on the Google and Apple app stores.

Churches can also register via its website and the app has a free version which is available for congregations of up to 150 members.The free version offers most of the tools you’ll need as a church:

  • Mobile App
  • Communication System
  • Sermon Distribution
  • Service Bookings
  • Attendance Tracking
  • Reporting
  • Website
  • Community Board
  • Prayer Requests
  • Online Giving (+R90/mo)

There are also optional monthly premium subscription services that start at R139 per month for 75 members that gives you more customisation.

“Limitations on public gatherings is one of the biggest challenges churches face in 2020. By unifying congregants digitally and updating them in real time, eDisciples makes it a lot easier for churches to adjust to our new shared reality and grow membership,” said Duncan, who founded the software development company CodeCabin.

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