WATCH: PlayStation 5 will be launched in South Africa in November – Hardware Reveal Trailer

The PlayStation 5 Digital Edition, which doesn’t comes with a disc drive, will have a recommended retail price of R9,999.99, while the PlayStation 5 will cost R11,999.99.

It is a relatively dramatic design departure from the last several generations of PlayStation console, with a two-tone finish, dramatic fins, and a glowing blue light emanating from the interior crevices.

The main PlayStation 5 – the “Standard Edition” – has an asymmetrical design, with the Blu-ray disc drive adding a bump to one side of the console. That unto itself is a departure from prior consoles, design-wise, to say nothing of the fins.

PlayStation consoles are no stranger to glowing lights, up to and including the PlayStation 4, but the PlayStation 5 features the most prominent glow yet – the entire console, wrapping around to the top, features a glowing blue.

Of note: There appear to be intake and exhaust vents for the console’s interior lining the area where the lights are.

Beyond the obvious visual difference between the two consoles due to one having a disc drive, a few other subtle visual differences are clear from what we’ve seen: The Digital Edition has no eject button, as there are no discs to eject, and the stands are slightly different.

Business Insider
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