Apple Event Products Announcements Review by Rirhandzu Shingwenyana

The Coronavirus pandemic has fast tracked the speed of digital transformation across the board. Who would have thought that the adaptation of the digital world would have happened this soon? 

On September the 15th, the annual Apple Event took place on a virtual event where the general public had an opportunity to watch the announcements of new products as well as upgrades on some existing products. This year, Apple has announced a few noticeable products of their luxurious tech gadgets.

The first and highly anticipated was the Apple Watch Series 6. In the past Apple has given us the best smart watches in the market. Which is why this year for the first time ever in the history of the watch industry a company outside of the Swiss has surpassed all watch brands. Apple Watches have become the most sought after watches in the whole world. Culminating in it became the biggest watch producer in terms of market value, more the most expensive watches such as Rolex, AP, etc.

The announcement of the Apple Watch Series 6 came together with standard watches such as the 6E and SE. The second announcement was that the Apple Fitness is an App meant to help all Apple users be it from cell phone or smart watch, all will access this App at a monthly subscription fee. The Apple Fitness will help you stay in shape and fit, by providing a variety of exercises options to choice from. 

The third product was that of a range of iPad’s, the iPadOS, and the highly anticipated one, the iPad Air. They all come in six different colours.

And the last announcement was that of the Apple One. Apple One is a cloud storage with a variety of products and benefits. And all these products will come with an iOS14 upgrade for better experience.

If you are an Apple product enthusiast this must be good news.

By Rirhandzu Shingwenyana

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